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Its our great joy to inform that E-Gyan Monthly News Letter of Maharishi Organizations– India has released its first addition on the most auspicious day of our Indian Vedic Calendar-Shri Guru Purnima, 7th July 2009.

We all know that Guru Purnima is the day when we offer all our achievements to Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters-Guru Parampara, to Shri Guru Dev Brahmanand Saraswati Ji and to Pujya Maharishi Ji. Releasing the first addition of E-Gyan on Guru Purnima, we are offering all our achievements to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev and Maharishi Ji and seeking their blessings.

E-Gyan Monthly News Letter will be released in the first week of every calendar month. E-Gyan will contain the following:

  • 1. Courses currently run by Maharishi schools/colleges/institutions and universities.
  • 2. Information on any new course/programme added in Maharishi schools/colleges/ institutions and universities.
  • 3. Present student strength course wise, subject wise, class wise, branch wise in different Maharishi Educational Institutions.
  • 4. Announcement of any new course offering and its schedule with course details and venue.
  • 5. Starting of new building construction, report on Bhumi pujan or vastu pujan or foundation stone ceremony.
  • 6. Inauguration or graha pravesh or public offering of new building.
  • 7. Special achievement of any Maharishi Organization.
  • 8. Special achievement of Staff or faculty.
  • 9. Special achievement or award received by Students in the field of academics, sports, arts, music, culture, language, general knowledge, quiz, talent search or any other competition on district, state, national and international level.
  • 10. Report on NCC, NSS, Scouts, Adventure programme/trip.
  • 11. High-level placement of graduates in national, international or multinational organizations/ corporations.
  • 12. Outstanding performance of ex-students.
  • 13. Publication of any paper by Faculty, Students, Staff, research department or Organization.
  • 14. News coverage in local, state, national level newspapers, TV, radio, website.
  • 15. Selection of students in civil services, IIM, IIT, PMT, IIT, NDA, IMA, IFS, IRS, Armed Force or in any other institution of national importance.
  • 16. List of outstanding government or private special projects taken by the organisation.
  • 17. Launching of new product with details, availability, and price.
  • 18. Details of products already in market.
  • 19. Creative writings on different topics, such as cultural/social and historical issues.
  • 20. Offering Vedic solution to any social problem.
  • 21. Performance of any special Anushthan or Yagyas.
  • 22. Vedic celebration reports.
  • 23. Excursion tour reports.
  • 24. Corporate visit, corporate training etc.
  • 25. Visit of national and international dignitaries and their remarks.
  • 26. Appreciation, recognition or awards received by Maharishi Organizations.
  • 27. Report on academic or commercial collaborations.
  • 28. Report on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.
  • 39. Report on monthly Initiations in TM, Sidhi course and Advance Techniques.
  • 30. Report on activities of Maharishi Global Movement.
  • 31. Report on any other similar subject or area, which is not covered here but worth reporting.

We invite news, articles and reports from all Maharishi Organizations, their leaders, members, faculty, staff, students and all readers. Please not that all news reports must be authentic, original, true and correct. The writers of articles should send a note that the article is their original article.

Please also note that all contents should be sent in soft copy through email (egyanmonthly@gmail.com) as word document file (or in a CD to V. R. Khare, Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence Campus, Building No-5, Lambakheda, Berasia Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, PIN 462018). Hard copy should be neatly typed (“Times New Roman” font for English and “Devnagri” or “Chanakya” font for Hindi) and should be sent to above mentioned address. High quality/resolution pictures and graphics will be very useful to make your report better looking and will be much interesting for readers.

Editorial Board of E-Gyan Monthly Newsletter will not be responsible for any copyright issues of reports. Once a matter of false reporting comes to the Board, E-Gyan Monthly Newsletter will never publish reports of the sender in future and will inform it’s readers about this.

Jai Guru Dev, Jai Maharishi
V. R. Khare
For Editorial Board, E-Gyan Newsletter

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